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Herbal Wax Ointment “No.6”, 75 g


Herbal wax ointment is a natural product intended for sore, tired and swollen feet. Reduces swelling, heaviness and promotes blood flow.

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From nature

The ointment is part of products developed in Latvia, which has been created by combining the knowledge gained over many years about the healing properties of medicinal plants and the basic principles of oriental medicine. In ointments, the medicinal plants are wax-based, without artificial preservatives, dyes, and fragrances, as well as do not contain water. The ointment can be used at any age, including babies.

The ointment is intended for sore, tired and swollen feet, and cramps. It reduces fatigue, pain, swelling, heaviness, and promotes blood flow. Improving blood flow in the veins reduces the chance of inflammation and blood clots. This ointment is also used for inflammation of the veins and for bruising.

Use: Use overnight by putting a small amount on the feet for 1-5 minutes from bottom to top.

INCI: lilac, chestnut, milk thistle, St. John’s wort, nettle, lavender, yarrow, wax.

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