Since 2009, our company has been located in the heart of Old Town Riga, Latvia.
We started our business with one small souvenir and gift shop, where we offered handmade souvenirs and gifts from local craftsmen and artists. As time went on and with the growing interest of foreign tourists in Latvia and Riga, we started to expand, thus reaching up to several stores. You can find more info about shops on the company’s website.

During these years we have travelled all over Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, looking for beautiful and original, at the same time authentic works of skilled craftsmen. We have met hundreds of wonderful artists and craftsmen, whose eyes light up, and you can see the passion for the work they do. We are proud that the crafts in the Baltics are still alive and that the artists pass on their skills to future generations, thus preserving the ancient arts and crafts. In return, the new generation gives them a modern look, while preserving the historical traditions. As many artists have told us in conversation, this is a God-given job that can’t be avoided. It is life, creation, fullfilment, and meditation…


When entering our stores, customers feel and appreciate these works of art, in which the soul dwells. It is important to us to offer our customers beautiful, interesting, and original handmade products. We work from the heart to ensure that every customer feels genuine interest in their needs and receives the best service. If you ever come to Riga, we assure you will always be welcome in our stores, and we will be happy to meet you in person! We will make sure that you find the best gifts to bring back to your loved ones in memory of Riga.

At the moment we operate four shops at the very heart of Baltics – Old town of Riga. If you ever happen to be nearby, come visit us!

We believe that with our work and attitude, we can do a lot to make Baltics more interesting and this world – brighter!

Iveta Strapcāne – Founder of the company