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Spearmint Floral Water with Glycerin, 100 ml


Spearmint floral water is created using only certified raw materials. Tones, cleanses, and intensely moisturizes the skin, making it soft and silky. Suitable for any type of facial skin care.

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Nature SPA

Spearmint water has toning, refreshing, tangling, and cleansing qualities. It is suitable for skin care of any type of skin. Thanks to glycerin, which is also added to this water, the spearmint floral water simultaneously intensively moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and silky. It has a particularly fresh, intense, and invigorating aroma.

Use: Apply optional – with a cotton pad dampened in flower water or spray directly onto the face skin.

INCI: Mentha spicata leaf water, Glycerin

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