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Big Sewing Craft Kit, 12 Cards


Big sewing craft kit.
The kit includes: 10 sewing cards (size A5); threads in 10 colors; a needle with a “big eye”; 2 white cards; hole punching tool, thick cardboard and felt for easier hole making; crayons for painting an image after sewing; child-friendly instruction showing various sewing techniques.
Recommended age: 5+
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Expression of creativity

This big sewing craft kit is a creative pastime activity for kids! It is an exciting process and the end result is a feeling of satisfaction for the little ones for the work that is done and, of course, beautiful pictures that will delight every time somebody looks at them.

The sewing kit includes cards, such as rainbow, unicorn, house, ladybug, and many more. They start with easy drawings with straight lines and end with more complex images. To make the process even more interesting, the set includes two white cards so that the child can create their own original embroidery pattern! The set will be great for learning the first sewing skills, training small muscles, and preparing hands for writing.

This big sewing craft kit is a thoughtful gift that will give children real joy and a dose of creativity!

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