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Wooden Chess Set, Board Game, 31×31 cm


Wooden chess set – one of the most popular board games in the world. 64 square fields, 32 figures. Elegant suede inside. Size: 31×31 cm.

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For sharpening your mind

Beautiful wooden chess set – a popular and versatile game for sharpening the mind. Board game base and figures are made of high-quality wood. Its inside is covered with suede fabric, giving it an elegant design. It has a metal clasp.

Wood has been used everywhere since ancient times and is a symbol of life that lives in unity with man and nature. Even today, it is loved by almost everyone and is used to make beautiful and practical things.

A great gift for both children and adults!

Materials: wood, suede, metal clasp

Please note: the texture and color of the wood may differ from the ones shown in the pictures!

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