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Wool Scarf with Fine Zigzag Pattern, Gray, 37×180 cm


Wool scarf with a fine zigzag pattern. Size: 37×180 cm. Material: 100% Scandinavian wool.

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Always warm

Elegant and beautiful scarf with a fine zigzag pattern and fringe. Made of high-quality Scandinavian wool.
This scarf will become a best friend not only in winter, when the cold takes over everything and you want to feel warm, but also in other seasons. In the spring, when the sun begins to wake up, but until the warm weather still have to wait a little. On cool summer evenings, when you want to cover your shoulders with something light, but do not want to pull out a blanket. In the chilly autumn, when you want to go for a long walk to enjoy the beautiful color change of the leaves.

When the weather gets cold outside,
And the desire to feel warm can’t be put aside,
Take this wool scarf for yourself,
By removing it from our shelf!

Feel comfortable, stylish, and most importantly warm!
If you are looking for a thoughtful and practical gift, then this is a great option! Delight not only yourself, but also family, friends, and colleagues!

Material & care:
100% Scandinavian wool.
It is recommended to wash the scarf by hand at 30°C temperature.

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