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Women’s T-shirt “Latvian Feelings”


Women’s T-shirt Latvian Feelings. 100% cotton, which makes the shirt soft and elastic.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Closer to the heart

Beautiful and high-quality women’s T-shirt Latvian Feelings.
Thanks to the material used, it will be pleasant to the skin and will fit beautifully onto any woman’s body. The black color of the shirt will make it easy to match it with other clothes. The design is printed using water-based screen printing ink, which means that the design won’t fade when washing this shirt.

The shirt features the inscription LV in a forest and nature motif, serving as a reminder of Latvia and its rich forests.

A tasteful gift, rich in Latvian moods for every woman. A great choice for a compatriot living abroad.

A series of clothes developed by the local workshop Ericraft.

Material: 100% cotton

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