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Smiling Girl with Brownish Braids – Cute and Adorable Stuffed Toy


Adorable Smiling Girl stuffed toy with golden braids made from high-quality tapestry fabric. Get this cute girl doll for yourself, kids, or someone who needs a warm hug now and again! Approx. length: 65 cm.

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Smiling Girl stuffed toy handmade with love

This adorable Smiling Girl stuffed toy is one of the brothers and sisters in the big toys family, designed and created by the artist with a great care and love. She has been sewing these extraordinary soft toys for 15 years. Originally created as a beautiful addition to the house – each toy will fit perfectly on the terrace, on the sofa or, for example, on the chest of drawers, and will bring warmth and coziness to every home. In addition, children also fall in love with these cute creations very quickly, so many of our customers choose to buy them as unforgettable childhood toys!

These smiling girls with custom-colored braids are sewn from a high quality durable furniture tapestry – even after prolonged use, they will look like new! As we say, these are toys that will remain a legacy for both children and grandchildren.

Toys master’s sense of taste, combined with the high quality of her work, turns every toy into a real masterpiece! With the loop on the back of the stuffed girl doll, you will be able to attach it to the wall, or you can even frame it, thus turning it into an unusual painting! This beautiful soft toy will also perfectly complement any other place or room – home, office, school, garden, sauna or even a car! Moreover, it will also serve as a great mascot of success or help dispel moments full of loneliness! Use this stuffed toy as an original thematic award, for instance!

It is best to buy this Smiling Girl soft toy for yourself. However, if you decide to give it to someone else, you can be sure that your original gift will be vividly remembered and will cause a burst of positive emotions! And what could be better than positive emotions, right?

In addition, each girl doll contains a small soul that will come to life and bring a good aura into your house as soon as you give it a name. Therefore, please give it a name! Preferably the one who first comes to mind when you take this toy girl in your hands!

What else do you need to know about these unique works?

  • 100% handmade
  • High quality tapestry, silk and leather.
  • The toy has a dense inner padding with sintepon
  • There is a loop on the back of the toy that allows you to attach it to a vertical surfaces
  • Artist uses different fabric color compositions in the production of each toy,
    so your toy will be unique and different from all the others!

Smiling Girl has other sisters.

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