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Round Leather Box with Woman and Bird, ⌀ 10 cm


Round leather box with a woman and bird. Genuine leather and corduroy coating, which will last a long time. A well-thought-out gift and a great addition to the interior for everyone!

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With a smile on a face

This beautiful leather box with a woman and bird is 100% handmade. It will be a nice and practical addition to the interior, where you will be able to store your jewelry, sentimental things, or other trinkets.

The bird depicted on the box symbolizes human life, the interaction of heaven and earth, and freedom. A woman, just like a bird, is a free creature who always does everything that’s in her mind. A well-thought-out gift for a woman.
As the box is made of high-quality leather, it will last for a long time and can become a family heirloom to be passed on to future generations. The box is covered with embossed genuine leather on the outside, but its base and inside are covered with corduroy. It is easy to maintain so it will always look like new!

A round leather box with a woman and bird will be a great gift for yourself and your loved ones or a heartfelt souvenir for foreign guests!

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