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Peppermint Soap, 100 g


Peppermint soap – coconut, olive oil soap with blue clay, and mint. 100% handmade made from natural raw materials. Refreshes, cleanses, and tones your skin.

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Pamper yourself

Refreshing and skin cleansing soap with blue clay and peppermint.
The soap foams easily and is easy to use, but the main thing is to remember to place it on a soap dish or loofah so that no water accumulates under the piece. This will allow the soap to dry, so it will last longer.

Moisturizing and nourishing oils have been chosen to create this product – coconut oil and olive oil. By saponifying them, natural glycerin and foam, which is so pleasant for everyone, are obtained. The blue color comes from the added blue clay. They are known as a rich source of minerals (containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, and silicon) that cleanse and balance the skin. Peppermint essential oil pleasantly refreshes and tones the skin.

Composition (INCI): Cocos nucifera oil, Aqua, Olea europaea oil, Sodium hydroxide, Kaolin (Blue), Mentha piperita oil, Sodium chloride.

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