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Natural Stone Bracelet, Black Onyx


Natural stone bracelet with 10 mm large matte black onyx beads. Available in different sizes.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Feel the power

Natural stone bracelet with matte black onyx beads. Careful handwork, made with joy and love.
Stone is a force of nature and contains energy – each has its own, special and unique. Each stone chosen for the bracelet is thoughtful and has a special meaning.

The composition of the bracelet is made of 10 mm large matte black onyx beads and silver-colored fittings connected by durable rubber.
Onyx provides more inspiration and impartiality. Helps to hear and listen to the inner voice. Helps with emotional balance, self-control, and stress relief. Cleanses negative emotions, protects from the “evil eye” and increases endurance, strength, steadfastness, and firmness. Helps to harmonize the rhythm of everyday life, allowing you to find peace and inspiration. Helps to restore the body after exhaustion. Strengthens the heart, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels, and eyes. It heals bones and strengthens the immune system.

The natural stone bracelet is packed in a box and will be a beautiful gift for every woman.

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