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Make Your Own Wall Clock, Fox, ⌀ 24 cm


Creative kit Make your wall clock.
The kit includes: wooden base (d = 24 cm) and numbers 1-12 (h = 3.5 cm); clock mechanism (silent, without ticking); self-adhesive design; 2 colors – orange and brown; brushes and sponges for painting; glue.
Age: 5+.
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Expression of creativity

Make your wall clock is a creative pastime activity for kids! It is an exciting process and the end result is a feeling of satisfaction for the little ones for the work that is done and, of course, a beautiful clock with a cool fox to look at, as well as learning the correct time!

The wooden base included in the set is marked with number places, which will be visible even after painting. The numbers themselves are large enough for children to easily grasp, paint, and glue on. In the set you will find everything the child needs to make the clock, except one AA battery, which is needed for the clock to work.

Make your wall clock is a thoughtful gift that will give children real joy and a dose of creativity!

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