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Jerusalem Artichoke (Topinambur) Powder, 100 g


Organic Jerusalem artichoke powder – a product of natural fibers and antibiotics. The powder is in a pet pack with a screw cap.

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“617a6a6c00ce4 Add and enjoy ” Jerusalem artichoke powder is a natural fiber and prebiotic-containing food product. The actively accumulating silicon from the soil and the manganese, silicon, and zinc content of Jerusalem artichoke is greater than has potatoes, carrots, or beets. Roots (tubers) also contain proteins, pectins, amino acids, and organic acids. Jerusalem artichoke contains up to 11% pectin, vitamin B and B2 content in Jerusalem artichoke is three times more than potatoes, carrots, or beets.

It can be added to cookies, muffins, creams, various pastries, porridge, sauces, as well as coffee, dairy products, and beverages. It’s proven that adding the powder to pastries, ensures the freshness of the product over a long period of time and does not let them dry up.

Storage: should be stored in a dry place, as it attracts humidity. Ingredients: dried, ground Jerusalem artichokes.

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