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Design Mug “Love” in Latvian, 330 ml


Design mug “Love” in Latvian language. It’s allowed to wash in dishwasher or by hand.
Volume: 330ml,
size: diameter: 82 mm,
height 95 mm.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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For someone special

Sometimes we want to bring joy to our loved ones with something nice and practical. This mug is just that!

Love always has a special place in our hearts. Who is the person with whom you feel good the way you are? That kind of person is your soulmate, so remind them how important they are to you. This cup will be with them even on those mornings when they have to enjoy coffee alone. It will be a lovely gift on Valentine’s Day for a man, woman, or someone else in a special moment.

The mug is in Latvian, but we offer you its translation:

1. It’s a powerful feeling when two people appreciate each other for who they are
2. The desire to give away your last piece of cake, even if you want it yourself
3. Being together and enjoying that moment can last forever
4. A feeling that fills the heart with warmth and lightness

This will be one of the best practical gifts for your love!

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