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Create Your Own Christmas Tree


The set includes: a wooden Christmas tree, 15 pcs. various Christmas-themed figurines, velcro stickers, felt balls, instructions in Latvian or English.
Size: 38x29x0.3cm.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Your Own!

Create your own Christmas tree is a great and creative pastime activity for kids! Little ones will be able to create their own, personalized Christmas tree to their liking. Everything is very simple! The wooden figurines can be painted with pencils, pastel crayons, marker pens, and gouache. Once that is done, all they have to do is attach the figurines to the Christmas tree with velcro stickers!

In addition, different color felt balls are available, which can be glued with PVA glue. As velcro stickers are used to attach the figurines, the child will be able to change the position of the figurines!

This is a nice and fun gift for kids!

Please note: as the set contains fine details, do not leave the child unattended for the whole duration of the Christmas tree making!

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