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Card Game “Cheers!”, Black and Gold Edition Set, 18+


Party game Cheers!. Two card decks. Each one includes 35 question/statement cards and 15 task cards. Age: 18+.

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Turn up the party

This party game Cheers! is the English version of the Latvian game Priecīgus! but with even more intriguing questions, crazier statements, and exciting tasks! Each set is in its own color because the question and task cards are different, so that means – twice as much fun! The games will help you get to know your friends even better. Be prepared to laugh out loud, confess, and complete difficult tasks.

Each deck has a total of 50 cards – 35 of them are questions and statements, while the other 15 are task cards.

The rules of the game are simple:

  • 2 – 15 participants required
  • Every player needs a drink
  • Each player takes one card and takes turns answering a question or completing a task
  • The youngest player has to make sure that all players’ glasses are always full!

Turn up the party with these exciting games!
A great addition to board games and a gift for everyone who loves a real party!

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