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Canned Socks “Tuna Fish”


Canned socks “Tuna Fish”.
Available sizes:
Women size 35-45
Men size 40-46
Material: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Put a smile on a face

Sometimes we want to bring joy to our loved ones with something nice and practical. These socks are just that!

Tuna is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and are crucial for heart and brain health. Therefore if you have a stressful exam or a job interview ahead, you can be sure that wearing Tuna Socks will provide you with the necessary focus and confidence. No need to worry about the smell as it will help to keep your mind away from anxious thoughts.

This is an original gift, that will put a smile on anyone’s face!

Materials: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

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