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Beeswax Application, 125×250 mm


Multifunctional and reusable beeswax application. The beeswax incorporated in the application has skin regenerating, emollient, and antibacterial properties, so it can be used by children.

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The power of bees

The application is not only multifunctional and reusable but also safe, of natural origin and suitable for different ages. It consists of cotton fabric and beeswax, collected in Piebalga municipality, which is inserted between the layers of the fabric.

Beeswax is produced by working bees that have four pairs of wax glands on their stomachs – liquid wax is released from these glands and it hardens on contact with air. When the wax comes into contact with propolis, honey, pollen, and bee bread, it turns yellow.

The application has a sweet aroma that can be felt both before and after heating the application. Initially, the seeming feeling of stickiness when taking the application in your hands turns out to be quite the opposite – it is a gentle touch. Thanks to the incorporation of beeswax between layers of cotton fabric, it does not leave stains on the skin or clothing, and the fabric prevents the heated mass from escaping to the outside. By following the application’s instructions, it provides pleasant warmth that not only warms the specific part of the body but also relaxes it, allowing the whole body to relax.

Before heating, the application is easy to bend. When applied to the body, it starts to heat up, then cools down, and again – heats up. The cooling sensation is caused by condensate that forms between the skin and the application during the heating process. When the condensate heats up, it is absorbed into the skin moisturizing it and using all the beneficial properties of beeswax. After application, the skin is soft as well as moisturized, which can be felt even if the cooling properties of the application are not noticed during the first application. The skin smells of honey and the body feels released without losing the feeling of vitality.

Beeswax has skin regenerating, emollient, and antibacterial properties. The application of beeswax is softer than the propolis application so is also well suited for children.
The heated wax application can be used in heat therapy.

Heat therapy is used:

  • For relaxing tense muscles
  • Against joint, back, and lumbar pain
  • after bone fractures
  • ligament sprains

The applications are NOT intended for the treatment of acute injuries and should be used with caution in case of hypersensitivity of the skin. The beeswax application can be used for external use only.


  1. Initially, the application should be heated to 40°C. Applications must not be overheated! You can use heating radiators, an oven, a hairdryer, a warm boiler lid, or any other warm surface and heating device for heating. Tip! For heating, we recommend using the oven directly, heating the application for 2-3 minutes. Heating the applications in the oven allows you to both adjust the required temperature and monitor the time, which is an important aspect so that the application does not overheat and cause skin burns.
  2. After warming up, the application should be placed on a specific part of the body and covered with a cloth. Remember that the application must be pleasantly warm, not hot!
  3. Keep the application on the body for 20 – 30 minutes until the warming effect is maintained.
  4. After using the application, it is recommended to store it in the original package, after cooling. Do not store applications in direct sunlight!

The properties provided by the applications are maintained for at least 20 uses of one application. It should be noted that after each heating, the aroma and properties of the applications may decrease, but their thermal conductivity is maintained throughout the shelf life of the product, which, for thermal therapy purposes, allows it to be used more than 20 times.

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