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Bee Bread in Milk Chocolate, 80 g


Bee bread in milk chocolate made in Latvia.

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“15988” “604894554adcf Tasty indeed” We offer fantastically tasty bee bread in milk chocolate which will be a great treat for everyone!
Bee bread is considered to be one of the most valuable natural products, rich in nutrients and minerals. It is the food of young bees. When bee colonies are prepared for winter, it’s time for beekeepers to harvest the bee bread, because bees do not need it in winter. This miraculous product is pollen preserved according to the bee’s recipe – the bees store it densely in the cells and cover it with honey. Under the influence of bee enzymes and bacteria, lactic acid fermentation takes place in these cells, thus the active substances in the pollen become easier for bees and also for humans to absorb.

Milk chocolate combined with bee bread will be a great source of energy and nutrients for everyday life. The recommended daily amount is 5-7 dragees. Ingredients: bee bread, milk chocolate 66% (cocoa mass (cocoa content 33.6%), sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, soy lecithite, natural vanilla extract), glazing agent (starch, shellac, sucrose). Calories: 2067kJ/493kcal

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