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Aromatic Soy Wax Sachet, Lemongrass


Aromatic soy wax painting with lemongrass aroma. A natural and environmentally friendly sachet that will bring a pleasant aroma to every home.

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Scent of freshness

Aromatic soy wax sachet is handmade by an artist with great love and care.
The aromatic sachet is made of natural soy wax, which is an environmentally friendly product. Essential oils or aroma oils are added to make the scent pleasant and natural.
The design is enriched by decoration with lichens. It has the smell of lemongrass, which is fresh and pleasant.

It is an aesthetic and natural soy flavouring for rooms, wardrobes, drawers. The aromatic wax can also be melted in aroma lamps.

To bring a wonderful aroma in your home, all you need is a little piece of scented wax. A beautiful and fragrant gift for everyone.

Ingredients: Soy wax, essential oils, lichens

Please note: as the sachets are 100% handmade, their decorations may differ from those shown in the picture!

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