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Amber Lighter, Zippo Style


Amber lighter. Lightweight, comfortable and practical. A great accessory for everyday use.
Designed in Baltics.
Refill type – petrol.

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Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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The very best in windy weather

Beautiful and practical amber lighter.
They are filled with petrol, so they will be reliable and work in almost all weather conditions.
Lightweight, comfortable, and practical – will fit in both a handbag and a pocket.

Lighter is complemented with Baltic amber. Since there are no two identical amber pieces in the world, its alloy forms a unique mosaic that makes the design of this lighter unique.

This will be a great gift with practical use for a woman, man, boss, business partner, colleague, as well as foreign guests in memory of Latvia with its most valuable gem.

Please note: since no piece of amber is exactly the same, your lighter may and most likely will differ from the one shown in the pictures. The lighter is designed in Baltics.

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