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Party Game – Shall We Sing?


Board Game – Shall We Sing?
Cards with questions and lyrics are available in the package; game rules.
Available in Latvian.
Age: 14+.

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Enjoy the fun

We each know at least one person who starts singing during a party. Why not do it together while playing the exciting game Shall We Sing?

By playing this game you will be able to:

  • Ask interesting questions and get unexpected answers;
  • Hear Latvian songs performed by friends and sing along;
  • There will be light conversations and sincere laughter;
  • Encourage fun togetherness and spontaneous creativity!

The process of the game is quite simple: each participant chooses one card; the first participant chooses someone to ask their question to; the selected participant answers it by singing or reading the lyrics, then the game continues by asking question to the next participant.

Shall We Sing? guarantees an evening full of music, exciting, and positive emotions among family, friends, or colleagues!

All used songs are coordinated and licensed personally with the authors, whose works are represented by copyright agencies in Latvia – AKKA / LAA and MicRec.

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