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Fractal Puzzle KLIK, 24×24 cm


Fractal puzzle in dark brown color, 28 elements made of interconnected circles.
An excellent mind lace to spend your free time with. Age: 12+.

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Sharpen your mind

Handmade game created and developed in Latvia. If you are tired of the usual puzzles and want something new and truly challenging, this will be the best mind lace for your free time. The fractal puzzle will take longer and test the durability of even the most avid player!

The puzzle consists of 28 transparent elements made up of interconnected circles. The elements are similar to each other, but each piece has only one suitable position for the puzzle. Putting it is not only exciting but also relaxing and it can be solved both alone and with friends!

This fractal puzzle will be a great gift for every mind game lover – delight yourself, family, and friends.

Age: 12+

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