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Porcelain Earrings – Arch, Two-color with Gold Edges


Two-color porcelain earrings. Painted with 24k gold luster. Earring studs: 925 sterling silver. Size: 40×40 mm. Total weight: 10 g.

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These porcelain earrings are a part of a special jewelry collection made by Latvian ceramicist Madara Rozentāle.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade. Each piece of jewelry is handmade. No two pieces are identical – the small different nuances make each pair of jewelry a unique and original work of art. It takes a long time to achieve final results – each porcelain jewelry piece is finished with gloss glaze and hand-painted with design elements, fired 3 times total.

Earrings are handmade from porcelain and hand-painted with 24k gold luster. Perfect earrings to match your daily and occasion wear. Lightweight and very comfortable, you won’t feel that you are wearing anything at all. Studs are made of 925 Sterling silver – they are nickel-free and in contact with water doesn’t change color.

Minimalist earrings that will compliment every woman’s style.

Advice: You may clean the earrings with soap and polish them with a soft cloth. To escape from irreversible marks, try to keep them away from any contact with abrasive materials.

Please note: The design of each piece of jewelry takes a very long time and each piece is processed by hand, as a result of which the appearance may slightly differ from the model shown in the pictures.

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