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Naughty Conversations for Couples


Naughty conversations – a breathtaking game for every couple. 100 cards divided into 3 levels. Age: 18+.

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Acknowledge each other

Modern relationships are as fragile as they have ever been! In the everyday rush, we are spending less and less time with each other. Often, we have little time to talk to our partner, lack ideas to surprise them or we feel insecure to express our desires. This can make us feel unheard and unappreciated, which leads to unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

The “Naughty Conversations” is a collection of questions about sexual preferences, desires, fantasies, and other deeper themes with the intent to better understand each other. Answering these questions will let you open up to your partner, get to know what to expect from each other, and maybe even let you learn more about yourself.

The cards are made in a high-quality matte-laminated paper that is packaged in a stylish box with gold foil elements ready to be presented as a gift. It is perfect for married and long-lasting couples, as well as those, who are just in the dating stage.

Game includes:

  • Quality design instruction book
  • 100 High-quality playing cards, sorted into 3 levels:
    • 40 Soft questions – easy and light questions about general preferences.
    • 40 Spicy questions – a little bit more personal and revealing questions that may surprise you, but definitely will make you learn more about each other.
    • 20 Intimate Questions – as the name suggests, these are personal questions. Answer those questions you feel comfortable answering or knowing.

The game is available in English or Latvian

Age: 18+

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