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Linen Bathrobe, Pink


Linen bathrobe made in the Baltics. Available in different sizes. Composition: 48% linen, 52% cotton.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Exactly what is needed

Linen has been one of the most favourite fabrics for hundreds of years. It is an enduring value that everyone can appreciate, so this linen bathrobe will be exactly what you need!
Do you want to keep the pleasant touch of linen fabric on your body when you get out of a relaxing bath or shower and dry yourself with a linen towel? This is possible with this robe! Soft and gentle touch enjoyment, which will become the first thing you want to put on after washing, and the first thing when you wake up and prepare for the rest of the day!

Linen bathrobe – a quality that will become an integral part of everyday life. Delight yourself, family, and friends!
Finding the right colors and sizes, bathrobes will be a great gift for parents, newlyweds!

Composition: 48% linen, 52% cotton.

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