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Hoodie “Three Stars” with Inscription LATVIJA, Ethno Sleeve


Hoodie Three Stars. Unisex. Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Available in different sizes.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Patriotic, comfortable, and stylish hoodie with stars, inscription LATVIJA, and ethnographic signs. Perfect for both every day and free-time activities. Of course, this hoodie will be suitable for attending sports games such as hockey! By choosing several hoodies, it is possible to create a matching outfit for your family, friends, or colleagues!

This hoodie has a large pocket where you can store basic necessities or just warm your hands. The three stars, letters and ethno signs on the hoodie are made using the screen printing technique.

This hoodie will be a nice and patriotic gift for both, men and women!

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