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Fork With Amber Elements, 14 cm


Fork with amber elements. A beautiful and elegant design made in Baltics. Choose and create a beautiful set of cutlery!

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A sense of celebration every day

Beautiful fork with amber elements.
Made of metal. Complemented with amber obtained in the Baltic Sea and in the process of alloying it, a unique mosaic is created.

Since there are no two identical pieces of amber in the world, each fork is unique in its own way. Create a sense of celebration every day! A design element for your home that will make enjoying appetizers or desserts even better.

A fork with amber elements will be a beautiful gift for yourself, relatives, friends, collectors, as well as foreign guests in memory of Latvia, with its most valuable gem.

If you want to create a beautiful set of cutlery, we recommend purchasing several forks.

Please note: the amber fork is designed in the Baltics.

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