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Eco Felt Slippers with Amber Insoles “Barok”, For Kids


Eco felt slippers with removable amber insoles.
Size: 32

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Because we care about You

Eco felt slippers with amber insoles – even though they are made in Ukraine using amber obtained in Baltics, we could not resist offering you this unique and truly exclusive product!

Ensure the health of the feet and the whole body. Stylish home slippers with amber massage insoles. Insoles in a set with slippers affect the points on the feet, improving blood circulation, immunity, and functioning of human organs.

Benefits of using amber massage insoles for personal at-home use:

  • Improve cell nutrition and ensure the delivery of oxygen to all internal organs
  • Kill the fungus and eliminate unpleasant foot odor
  • Improve sleep and normalize the nervous system
  • Activation of the immune defense
  • Prevention of flat foot progression
  • A charge of vigor and a surge of energy
  • Restoration of metabolic processes

Eco felt slippers with amber insoles are a very useful gift for everyone! A particularly suitable gift for a person who ‘has everything’.

The products are not intended for diagnosis and treatment, they are not medicaments. They are used exclusively as a prophylaxis for a number of diseases. We recommend consulting with a physician before use. Not evaluated by the FDA.

All products are certified, and the trademark is patented.

Please note – since each product is handmade, it can and most likely will look different from the pictures!

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