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Ceramic Candle Holder, ⌀ 13 cm


Ceramic candle holder is unique and in one copy. Made using traditional ceramic processing techniques. A great addition to the home interior.

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Work of art

Artist’s handmade ceramic candle holder. The holder is created with love and care – in a long process, the clay becomes an exclusive and elegant work of art.

Made in a traditional ceramic technique, using high-quality brown clay, paints, and glazes. Since the holder is burned three times, it becomes very durable. During the creation process, the abstract shape and artistic design of the holder are created, complemented with beautiful patterns. The texture of the holder is smooth, but the line with the drawing is made in 3D technique. Its texture and part of the outside are glazed, which ensures quality and convenient care.

This ceramic candle holder is not only practical but also a beautiful and elegant addition to the home interior. It will bring warm and cozy feelings.

An enjoyable and special gift available in one copy.

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