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Brass Pendant with Ethnographic Symbols, ⌀ 25 mm


Handmade brass pendant with ethnographic symbols. Pendant ⌀ 25 mm.

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From antiquity

This brass pendant with ethnographic symbols is a part of the Latvian jewelry series made by artists, using almost 30 years of experience. The artists don’t try to make copies of ancient jewelry, but in the process of making them, they are influenced by the archaeological heritage.

The pendant is complemented with various ethnographic symbols:
The cross of Mara – symbolizes happiness, love, and fire. Promotes femininity and well-being.
The Sun – a symbol of eternal movement, fertility, and life.
God sign – symbolizes heaven, light, and masculine power. Promotes cognition and creates energy.
Jumis – a carrier of fertility, happiness, and success. Increases prosperity.

The pendant has an inconspicuous, beautiful and at the same time thoughtful design, which will allow the wearer to match it to a wide variety of clothes. Ethnographic symbols with their message make this pendant a special gift for compatriots living abroad as a reminder of their homeland.

A great addition to the jewelry collection. A beautiful and special gift for yourself, family, friends, colleagues, and foreign guests.

To prevent scratches on the pendant, it is recommended to store it in a place where it does not come into contact with other jewelry.

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