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Beeswax Candle “Etno”, ø 60 mm


Natural beeswax candle with cotton wick.
Size: ø 60 mm, height 80 mm.
Burning time: 19-20 hours.

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That aroma…

Natural beeswax candle handmade in Latvia. The candle has a natural cotton wick without metallic or chemical impurities. The candle has a gentle and pleasant aroma.

The candle is decorated with Latvian symbols:
*The Well sign protects the house, family, and heart. It is connected with the foundation of the Earth and the beginning of a new cycle of the Sun.
*The Sun is a symbol of eternal movement, fertility, and life.
*The Moon sign is the guardian of the people, attracts the fertility forces of heaven. It helps in the course and work of the night related to the lunar calendar. The Moon sign is also known as the guardian of soldiers.

It has been said that beeswax candle is also a natural ionizer, when it burns, it cleans the room air of dust, pollen, unpleasant odors, and mold, leaving a light and natural honey aroma.
This candle will be a beautiful, natural, and warm gift, or its addition, to everyone!

Reminder – do not leave burning candles unattended!

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