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Amber Money Tree on Wood Disc, 14 cm


Handmade amber tree on a wood disc. The tree trunk and branches are made of copper wire, the leaves are made of 120 natural pieces of amber. Height: approx. 14 cm.

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Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Amber money tree for wealth and happiness

Unique, beautiful, and handmade natural amber money tree on a wood disc. It is decorated with different color pieces of amber. The tree trunk and branches are made of fine copper wires, creating a gorgeous and elegant composition. The top of the wood disc is with circularly arranged pieces of amber.

The amber used for this tree comes from the Baltic Sea, therefore you will bring both – a beautiful interior accessory to your home and a piece of antiquity.
In the sunlight, the amber leaves will shine beautifully, creating a magical look.

This tree is a symbol of happiness, money, health, and an abundant family.

Amber money tree will be a great wedding gift for newlyweds that can be passed down from generation to generation.
An excellent choice of souvenirs for foreign guests, allowing them to take home part of the Baltics!

Please note:
Since each amber tree is handmade, its appearance may slightly differ from the one shown in the pictures!

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