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Amber Greeting Card, Chestnut Color Frame, 14.5×19.5 cm


Amber greeting card with a chestnut color frame.
Handmade in the Baltics.
Size: 14.5×19.5 cm.

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Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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For special occasions

When a special occasion is approaching and you don’t know what to gift, this amber greeting card will be the best solution! The card is special because it can be hung on the wall like a painting or placed on, for example, a shelf as a picture frame.

The card is decorated with a beautiful amber tree, which is a symbol of happiness, money, health, and family. By pulling the strings and opening the card, inside there is a white page, on which you can write a wish to the recipient and a pocket, in which, if you want to gift money, you can elegantly put the amount of your choice.

This is a great wedding gift that will be remembered by the newlyweds from their special day! Also a great gift for graduation!

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