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Wooden Coaster – Austra Tree, 9×9 cm


Wooden coaster with Latvian ethnographic symbol – Austra Tree.
Approximate size: 9x9x0.5cm.

Please note - actual product colors may vary slightly!

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Nature scent

Beautiful and handmade wooden coaster with Latvian ethnographic symbols.
Wood has been used everywhere since ancient times and is a symbol of life that lives in unity with man and nature. Even today, it is loved by almost everyone and is used to make beautiful and practical things.

The coaster is decorated with laser-cut ethnographic symbols. The middle one is the Austra Tree sign which symbolizes the path of the sun and the world order, as well as a symbol of movement and life. It protects the kin and family.

Around it, you can find two signs:
1. The Well sign that protects the house, family, and heart. It is connected with the foundation of the Earth and the beginning of a new cycle of the Sun.
2. The sign of Laima which is the symbol of luck, blessings, and happiness.

This wooden coaster will be a great and well-thought-out gift or its addition to anyone.

Please note: the texture and color of the wood may differ from the one shown in the picture!

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