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Tulip-shape Ceramic Mug with Bird, Red, 240 ml


Tulip-shape ceramic mug in red color with a bird. Height: 13.5 cm.

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Art inspiration

A unique handmade mug is made in a traditional ceramic technique using high-quality brown clay, colors, and glazes. In the process, the elegant tulip-shape, particles, and abstract thematic drawing of a bird are created. The color of the mug is red, but the bird is in shades of white and beige. The ceramic mug is fired three times, and during this long process, clay becomes durable, exclusive, and elegant work of art.

Its design is complemented by a drawing of a bird, which symbolizes the bond of soul, sky, and earth.

The mug is not only practical but will also serve as a beautiful and elegant addition to the interior of any home. This mug will be appreciated by art lovers and collectors alike.

A truly unique and special ceramic mug in one copy, an exquisite gift for everyone.

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