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Linden Flower Tea, 25 g


Linden flower tea is recommended for colds, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis, and cough. Tea is packed in a pet pack with a screw cap.

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“600adef171de1 A dose of vitamins” Latvian nature has everything we need for our health – ecological, healthy, and natural tea ingredients are grown here. Enjoy the health elixir that allows you to feel summer in one cup of tea!

Linden flower tea has respiratory, bactericidal, temperature lowering, diuretic, and secretolytic effect. Tea helps in stomach cramp cases. This tea is recommended for treating tonsillitis, cold diseases, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and cough. It also helps for headaches, especially, if you have migraine attacks. It is a good sedative for nerves in stressful situations. You can use it externally for skin disinfection, itch, and redness, or make a relaxing bath.

Tea is a wonderful drink that is refreshing and can be drunk both hot and cold. This delicious tea will be a great daily addition for everyone!

Use: Pour a small amount of tea into a cup and add hot water, allow to infuse.

Ingredients: dried linden flowers.

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