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Knitted Scarf with Fringe, LATVIJA, Burgundy


Knitted scarf with fringe. Complemented by Oak sign pattern and inscription LATVIJA. A combination of wool and acrylic that will be a warm and pleasant accessory in the cold wintertime.

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Forget about the cold

The knitted scarf with fringe and ethnographic signs is a warm and modern accessory in the cold winter period. Made of wool and acrylic so it will be especially soft and pleasant to the skin. Wrap it around your neck and feel the warmth surround you!

The scarf is decorated with Oak signs – it protects the family and the house, gives strength, and helps to make the right decision. In its lower parts, there is an inscription LATVIJA, which will give a particularly patriotic feeling. The scarf color is inverted.

The scarf is a heartfelt gift in cold weather for yourself, family, and friends. A souvenir rich with Latvian notes for foreign guests.

Please note that the length varies from ~ 190 – 210 cm
Width ~ 21 cm

Materials: 90% acrylic, 10% wool

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