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Candle with Latvian Signs – Jumis


Candle with Jumis, the cross of Mara, and the Well signs. Burning time: +/- 45 hours. Size: ⌀60×140 mm.

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Light and warmth

A beautiful candle rich in Latvian moods. This candle made in Latvia will be a great addition to the home. Making this candle, safe and natural raw materials, as well as environmentally friendly production technologies, are used, thus ensuring the expected result – a high-quality candle. The soft and slightly shiny candle is complemented by ethnographic signs. The biggest is Jumis – a carrier of fertility, happiness, and success. On a smaller scale the candle has the sign of Well, which protects the house, family and heart, and the cross of Mara, which symbolizes happiness, love and fire, promotes femininity and well-being.

The candle itself is a symbol of light and warmth, so it will be a great gift for everyone.

In order for the intended duration of candle burning to be met, all the conditions for burning the candles must be met – a derogation from them can have a significant effect on both the duration and quality of the burning!

Do not leave burning candles unattended!

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