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Board Game – Tangoo


Board game “Tangoo” – suitable for the whole family. Help young children learn the alphabet, develop reading skills, and strengthen their basic knowledge of mathematics. Number of players 2 – 4 people. Available in Latvian and English language.

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Learning is fun

A new, exciting and ambitious Latvian family company has created this board game. Designed to bring new knowledge and joy to children.

An engaging and educational board game “Tangoo” that will not leave any family member indifferent! This game is like an adventure with hidden tasks and surprises. Are you ready to find out who will win the game?

TANGOO, a board game that can help kids:

  • Learn the alphabet;
  • Develop reading skills;
  • Do addition, subtraction activities and strengthen the newly acquired knowledge;
  • Develop strategic and business thinking.

Be the first to cover all the necessary letters indicated on the name cards assigned by the cashier.

How to play?
Each player gets a starter pack- 2 Word cards, money units, and 4 Exchange cards. Players each pick a playing figure of their choice and place it on the starting field. Move around the game board and complete various tasks:

  • get letters – use them in Word cards, exchange or sell them;
  • get bonuses or tasks when they step on specific fields;
  • buy houses;
  • become Sheriff and supervise the game.

The thrill of stepping on “gift” or “task” fields as well as competition to get necessary letters faster than other players make “Tangoo” addictive, but it pays to play nice and with strategy, because your fortune can change with the roll of the dice.

Number of players: 2-4 people

Game duration: 1-2.5 h

The game includes 1 Game board, 60 Gift and task cards, 20 Word cards, 4 Playing pieces, 1 Dice, 66 Letter cards, 4 cards with symbol of houses, 40 Exchange cards, 150 Game money units, 1 Sheriff`s badge, 100 Letter covers.

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