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BIO Creamed Honey from Autumn Flowers, 430 g


BIO creamed honey from autumn flowers.

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“16070” “604894554adcf Tasty indeed” It is believed that everyone has encountered honey that has hardened so much that the spoon can be folded. Hardening or crystallization is one of the properties of honey. Depending on the type of nectar used by the bees to make the honey, it can harden in as little as a few weeks. However, there is a way to keep honey easy to use long after the honey is obtained. The creamy honey structure of “Medotava” is created by mixing it according to a special technology, without adding additives and without subjecting it to heating. In this way, the biological activity of the honey is preserved and it will no longer harden.

Creamed honey has a mild but pronounced taste, it is easy to eat with a spoon or smear on bread. Pamper yourself, family, and friends!

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