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Bee Pollen, 60 g


Bee pollen of various flowers collected in Latvia.

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“604894554adcf Tasty indeed” Pollen is a high-quality biologically active plant product. Bees collect them from a variety of flowering plants, forming burdens that carry them to the hive. Pollen is a source of minerals, vitamins, and fat for bees and is necessary for the normal functioning of bee colonies.

The diverse color and shape of pollen depend on which plants the bees visit. For example, lindens will be light green, tulips will be black, dandelions will be bright orange, raspberries will be white, and phacelia will be purple.

Pollen contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, B vitamins, C, P, PP, D, E, K, A vitamins (especially high levels of provitamin A carotene – 20 times higher than carrots), so they are the perfect way to supplement the daily diet.

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