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Amber Pendant with Silver Chain


Amber pendant with silver chain. Handmade with natural amber from the Baltic Sea and 925 sterling silver. A beautiful color that changes depending on the lighting.

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Nature beauty

Beautiful, elegant, and handmade natural amber pendant with silver chain.
It is green, slightly transparent, but its color changes depending on the lighting. The inside is decorated with different color elements, giving amber a luxurious and magical look. It can be easily matched to casual and special occasion clothing.

The amber used for creating this pendant was formed from pine resin 34 to 1400 million years ago. It comes from the Baltic Sea, so you will take a part of antiquity, every time you wear this pendant. It is complemented with a 925 sterling silver chain.

Amber pendant is a beautiful and traditional gift for every woman. Make yourself, mom, sister, or friend happy!

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