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Amber Necklace – Brooch, Flower, ⌀ 7.5 cm


Necklace – brooch with a flower made of amber.
Size: leather string length ~45 cm,
amber flower ⌀ ~7.5 cm.

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With elegance

What is the first thing you think of when you see amber? For us, it is the Sun. The sun that warms us. The sun that makes you smile. The sun that makes everything shine. Although amber has different color variations, one thing is clear – it, just like the Sun, will delight everyone.

As there are no two identical pieces of amber in the world, this necklace is unique and available in only one copy. One of the advantages of this necklace is that it can also be used as a brooch because on the back of the flower, which is formed by pieces of amber, there is a brooch clasp.

This amber necklace will be a great gift for every woman. And, just like the Sun, it will bring positive emotions every time you look at it.

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